Pre-congress workshops & PhD Day

On Monday August 28, delegates will have an opportunity to participate in a variety of activities.



Delegates are required to register to attend a workshop through the online registration. It will be the third step when you register for the Congress. Workshops are priced at $45, including lunch, for delegates. At this point, there is no possibility for someone to register to the PhD Day or to a workshop without registering for the whole Congress.  


CHACDOC - Cultural / Historical Aspects of Children’s: 
The practice-theory landscape of play, learning and creativity

Mariane Hedegaard and Marilyn Fleer


Cultural/ Historical Aspects of Children’s: 
Learning by Observing and Pitching In (LOPI)

Rebeca Mejía Arauz, Barbara Rogoff, and Amy Dexter


Research with transformative Agendas:
Increasing Equality in Education and Beyond  

Anna Stetsenko and Eduardo Vianna


Anther workshop is in planning.

PhD Day

Nikolai Veresov and André Madago Rodrigues

The PhD Day program will soon appear here.

The cost to attend the PhD Day is $45 for all participants.