PhD Day : August 28th, 2017

Call for PhD Students' Day proposals (Closed) 


PhD Day on August 28th, 2017


In the PhD Students’ Day special attention will be given to the PhD thesis, focusing on the different phases of doctoral research. There will be spaces/times for dialogues, presentations, posters, and debates, including the participation of Senior Researchers that will discuss parts of PhD students’ work and provide some suggestions. For instance, the opportunity of discussing data analysis will be given to doctoral students who have already collected their empirical data. There are also parallel sessions, in small groups.

This PhD Students’ Day is the fifth organized by ISCAR. We hope that all those who will participate will be deeply engaged in this process and will participate actively in the sessions.

At least 5 Senior Researchers will  chair the various sessions and participate in the PhD Dialogues. Their names will be announced soon.

For further information, please contact Nikolai Veresov, PhD Day committee chair Monash University